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Transportation distance between sights in Zhangjiajie



Zhangjiajie famous for Zhangjiajie landscape,that's the first national park in China since 1982.248 CNY per person for Zhangjiajie National Forest Park entrance ticket,include Tianzi mountain/Yuanjiajie mountain/Yangjiajie mountain/Ten Mile Natural Gallery/Yellow Stone Village/Golden Whip Stream,etc.Inside the park the road is narrow and not so many parks for cars,so the park run their own bus inside the park,all tourists' private car or hired car can not enter the park.248 CNY per person ticket included the bus ticket inside the park.


Outside Zhangjiajie park,there are famous sights in Zhangjiajie which also worth a visit,like Baofeng Lake/Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge/Tianmen mountain/Yellow Dragon Cave.And if you have 4 days,there is Fenghuang ancient town and Furong town also worth a visit,Fenghuang said to be the most beautiful ancient town in China.


Zhangjiajie city have airport/train station/bus station,Tianmen mountain cable station(ticket office) just located in Zhangjiajie city,less than 10 minutes drive from airport,Tianmen Fox Fairy Show located at foot of Tianmen mountain,15 minutes drive from Zhangjiajie city.


Zhangjiajie National Park Wulingyuan district entrance to Zhangjiajie city/airport/Tianmen mountain need 1 hour drive,most convient entrance to enter the park is Wulingyuan district entrance(not suggest to stay near other entranes like Yangjiajie entrance/Tianzi mountain town entrance/national park entrance/Zimugang entrance,as Wulingyuan district is very convient to Tianzi mountain cable car and Yuanjiajie elevator,and close to Baofeng Lake/Yellow Dragon Cave/Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge,other entrances need at 1 or 2 hour more drive to visit sights outside the park. Wulingyuan district itself a town with many hotels/restaurants/supermarkets,and have a famous show Charming Westren Hunan Show)


Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass bridge to Wulingyuan district take 45 minutes as 40 km, from Zhangjiajie city/airport/train station/bus station take 100 minutes drive as 70 km.


Baofeng Lake only 5 minutes drive from Wulingyuan district, from Zhangjiajie city/airport/train station/bus station take 60 minutes drive as 45 km.


Yellow Dragon Cave 10 minutes drive from Wulingyuan district,from Zhangjiajie city/airport/train station/bus station take 65 minutes drive as 53 km.


Famous ancient town Fenghuang about 240 km from Zhangjiajie city/airport/bus station/train station,take 4 hours drive;about 280 km from Wulingyuan district take 4.5 hours drive.Furong town located on the way to Fenghuang from Zhangjiajie,1.5 hours drive from Zhangjiajie.




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