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Junsheng Sandstone Painting



Reputed to be a form of ”green painting” and ”environmental protection painting” in art circles, Junsheng Sandstone Painting is regarded as ”the special pride of Hunan” and also of Chinese people in general. It is rated high aesthetically and prized by art collectors. In fact, it is considered the precious gift that the Hunan Provincial Government present to all guests, both at home and abroad.

In order to gain a greater appreciation of this style of painting, it is necessary to learn about its founder--Li Junsheng. Born in a poor family in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, in September of 1963, he became passionately devoted to art as a child. Inspired by his varied life experiences, he began instinctively to create more and more new products depicting his picturesque hometown.

Mr. Li’ s “Junsheng Sandstone Painting is a style of creative art made from natural and perm-colored materials, namely, sand, fragmented stone and portions of plants. This special kind of painting integrates several other art forms—Chinese painting, oil painting, print painting, carving, and miniature landscape.It presents us with an intriguing three-dimensional effect, coupled with a strong sense of reality. His productions are highlighted by gorgeous natural scenery, ancient and plain ethnic dwellings, wild and attractive Tujia girls, as well as strong and unrestrained Tujia men. Some of these works are calm, even passive; others are filled with dynamism. But all of these paintings capture your attention, and you cannot help but be fascinated both by the careful thought and the skillful craftsmanship. Many international media organizations, and domestic ones such as CCTV, Hong Kong Television, Taiwan Television.Pople’s Daily,and China Tourism Daily have all done special reports about Mr.li’s work. With a view toward promoting and popularizing the art of sandstone painting.Mr.Li Jusheng established Zhangjiajie Junsheng Sandstone Painting Research Institute in 1997, covering an 3.5 mu. This opened the door for systematic research and Lion of this craft. With the words ”simple, natural and creative” as institute will certainly create even more beautiful sandstone paintings, sparing no effort to popularize in the worldwide this splendid art form and picturesque Zhangjiajie.

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