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Famous restaurants in Zhangjiajie



Hunan cuisine is one of eight kinds of long history famous cuisines in China which formed in Han dynasty around 2000 years ago,famous for sour and hot,go with Hunan cuisine you can eat more rice.Now more and more popular in China,in Beijing and Shanghai many Hunan cuisine restaurants available,when time for dinner,all Hunan cuisine restaurants would be fullly booked.


When come to Hunan province,you can not miss Hunan cuisine!Many foreigner tourists said that outside China,Chinese food is expensive but not cooked like real Chinese food,for sure not good as food cooked in China.If you can eat spicy,do try Hunan food in Hunan province,cheaper but more delicious,and personally I think Hunan cuisine tasted best in Chinese food. If you can not eat spicy,most restaurants can also do without spicy.


Zhangjiajie people make lots of smoked pork and smoked sausage,rock fungus stew chicken as famous dishes in Zhangjiajie.Hunan cuisine famous for steamed fish head,chili fry pork,smoked pork/fish/chicken steamed together,etc.


Famous restaurants in Zhangjiajie City: Tujia Tribe,Duoying building,Huatian Wulongshanzhai,Fuzhengyi Hotpot,etc.


Famous restaurants in Wulingyuan district:Tangshifu Tujia Restaurant,Wulongshanzhai,Yaomeier Tujia Restaurant,Xiangxi Yinxiang Restaurant.




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