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Accommodation in Zhangjiajie




 We recommend to stay in hotels which have nice locations as close to sights and also good quality.


Zhangjiajie city: near to Zhangjiajie airport/train station/bus station,also close to Tianmen mountain,we recommend to choose Huatian hotel(5 star)/Sunshine hotel(5 star)/Dacheng hotel(4-5 star)/Best western hotel(4-5 star);


Wulingyuan district: near to Zhangjiajie park Wulingyuan entrance/Baofeng Lake/Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge/Yellow Dragon Cave,about 1 hour drive from Zhangjiajie city,we recommend to Choose Pullman Zhangjiajie(5 star)/Qinghe Jinjiang(5 star)/Crowne Plaza Hotel(5 star)/Santo Domingo hotel(4-5 star)/Zhuanjiacun hotel(4 star).


As very far away from sights in Wulingyuan(Glass Bridge/Baofeng Lake/Yellow Dragon Cave),we don't suggest you staying in hotels near Zhangjiajie Park entrance/Yangjiajie entrance/Tianzi mountain town entrance/Zimugang entrance.


If you arrive Zhangjiajie in the evening,suggest to stay in Zhangjiajie city for one night,other nights stay in Wulingyuan district,that's the best choice,reasons are that:arrive late in the evening so 10 minutes you can reach hotel earlier and enjoy good sleep(Wulingyuan district need 1 hour to go then sleep too late),next day you can visit Tianmen mountain(Tianmen mountain need nice clear day,then you can do just the next day or the last day you departure,2 days to choose from better then stay in Wulingyuan district which 1 hour drive from Tianmen mountain).


If you have a flight to catch in the next day morning,suggest to stay in hotel in Zhangjiajie city,incase of any traffic jam(stay in Wulingyuan district take 1 hour to airport,high season maybe traffic jam),stay in Zhangjiajie city also no need to wake up very early.Zhangjiajie city have a nice show called Fox Fairy Show which in the evening worth enjoying.



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