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We come from Zhangjiajie,provide local travel service!

Zhangjiajie,Fenghuang,Meng Dong River Rafting



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Available: Daily
Duration: 4 Full Days
Departure Date: On your request
Place of Departure: Your hotel
Attractions: Tianmen mountain,Tianzi mountain,Yuanjiajie mountain,Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Mengdong river rafting,Furong town,Fenghuang town

 Students over 15 years old please bring student ID to buy student ticket. 

Day 1  Arrive Zhangjiajie
Your personal tour guide on time ready to meet you in the arrive area of airport.A comfortable private car and experienced driver will be ready and waiting to take you to the hotel.
Hotel: suggest Huatian hotel(we book 500 CNY/room/night) as close to Zhangjiajie airport and Tianmen mountain.
Day 2  Tianmen Mountain


In the morning check out,visit Tianmen Mountain.



Tianmen Mountain:  first recorded in the history of Zhangjiajie, has an elevation of 1518.6 meters,only 8 kilometers far from the downtown and is one of the most representative natural sceneries of Zhangjiajie,5A level national tourist spots/world geopark/national forest park of China.You can enjoy 7.5 km cable car(the longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world)/glass walking way/Guigu plank road/bonsai view on the mountain/sky gate hole/99 turns Heaven-linking Avenue,etc

After sightseeing,transfer to your hotel in Wulingyuan district.
Glad to know:
Optional:  in the evening you can rest in the hotel or enjoy the Fox Fairy show, this show is highly recommended by tourists who have enjoyed it,as a must see program in Zhangjiajie, it is an outdoor canyon dance musical with Tianmen mountain and water as backgrand,the beautiful local legend love story between woodman and fox fairy,great music directed by Tan Dun who said to be top 10 musicians in the world(he did music for famous movie"Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon",earned a Grammy Award and Academy Award),beautiful stage and lights,over 500 performers,also with local Tujia minority culture as songs/dance/custom.If you want to enjoy the Fox Fairy show please tell us ahead of time to arrange tickets and transportation.
Hotel: suggest Pullman Zhangjiajie(we book 560 CNY/room/night) as close to Wulingyuan sights.
Day 3  Zhangjiajie Park(Tianzi mountain and Yuanjiajie mountain),Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge
Take Tianzi mountain cable car to visit Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie mountain and take Bailong elevator down the mountain.In the afternoon visit Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge and back to hotel.

Tianzi mountain:  the kingdom of sandstone peak forest(Zhangjiajie formation) with thousands of peaks,you can enjoy spots like imperial pen brush/fairy presenting flowers/west ocean  peak forest/Helong park,etc.
Yuanjiajie mountain:  big mesa surrounded by mountains in Avatar movie,many beautiful platforms on the way walking around.You can enjoy spots like No 1 natural bridge/5 sisters peak/Avatar peak/enchanting platform,etc


Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge:  430 meters glass bridge,99 pieces of glass,10 world records,many tourists want to try walking on the glass bridge which is 300 meters above the ground.



Glad to know:

Optional:  in the evening rest in the hotel or enjoy the Charming Xiangxi Show, this show is a must see show when you come to Zhangjiajie, it is about the colorful local culture. The show is varied and deeply explore the mystery and unique minority life. It has upgraded the music of ethnic groups and perfectly combined the traditional ethnic arts and skills with the sound, light and electricity technologies for the modern stage.If you want to enjoy the show please tell us ahead of time to arrange tickets and transportation.


Hotel: Pullman Zhangjiajie(we book 560 CNY/room/night) as close to Wulingyuan sights.



Day  4  Meng Dong River Rafting,Furong town,Fenghuang night view


In the morning check out ,do Mengdong River Rafting and visit Furong town on the way to Fenghuang,arrive Fenghuang in the evening and enjoy evening view of Fenghuang after check in hotel in Fenghuang.



Meng Dong River Rafting:   40 km from Furong Town,Meng Dong River have plenty of water/big gradient/water go fast and many river rapids/high cliffs into the water and close up form deep canyon landscape,mountain fierce like tiger and water fast as dragon,2 hours rafting,said to be No 1 rafting in the world.



Furong town:  located on the way to Fenghuang,old name called king's village(local Tujia minority king spend summer holiday here),after the famous movie Furong town shoot here,this town's name changed into Furong town.It's a beautiful and old town with rock street,summer palace of local Tujia king with Tujia traditional wooden buildings,a big waterful which you can walk under,big and old dock present you a quite and beautiful Tujia ancient town.


Fenghuang:   national historical and cultural famous city Fenghuang, recommend to be  the most beautiful ancient town in china by famous New Zealand writer Louis Eli,beautiful night view/green mountains and clear river/many famous people were born in Fenghuang together with the local Miao minority's old street and buildings.World famous writer from China Shencongwen was born and grew up in Fenghuang,who have a book "Border town" make Fenghuang world famous,many people come to Fenghuang to find out this nice town where the love story in the book happened and enjoy the great nature and culture.Famous spots and old buildings:Shen congwen former residence, Rainbow bridge,Tuo river boating,Xiong xiling former residence, Yang family’s ancestral hall, Eastern tower,etc.


Hotel: suggest Grand Phoenix hotel(we book at 500 CNY/room/night)



 Day 5  Fenghuang day view,Zhangjiajie airport


Check out in the morning,enjoy Fenghuang day view,drive back to Zhangjiajie and drop off to Zhangjiajie airport.





  : zjjtravelservice@163.com


  Services we do provide(itinerary follow your requirements, do private tour suit you best):


A: Tickets booking: fee CNY per person


Tianmen mountain 266+Zhangjiajie park 248+Tianzi mountain cable car 72+Yuanjiajie elevator 72+Zhangjiajie glass bridge 141+Meng Dong River Rafing 228+Furong town 120+Fenghuang 148=1295.


Fox Fairy show CNY per ticket: 238CNY for A ticket,580CNY for B ticket,880CNY for C ticket;


Charming Xiangxi show CNY per ticket: 228CNY for A ticket,268CNY for B ticket,308CNY for C ticket.


B:  English speaking guide


Guide we book for your group all licensed and have guide certificate,outstanding English speaking guide.


C:  Private transportation


Different number of your group members need different size of vehicles,we hire clean/comfortable/non-smoking vehicles for your group.


D:  Hotel booking


Please tell us rating of hotel you like,we can book the best price and make best choice of hotel under your budget,choose good location and quality hotels for the itinerary above.



 Exclude in our private tour:


A: Tips for guide and driver for their good job.


B:Transportion before arrive Zhangjiajie.


C:Your personal expenses.


D:Food.You can choose food you as you like,guide can recommend good restaurants for you,driver will drop off your group to restaurant and pick back your group to hotel after meal.


  Warm notice:


A: Some sights we can book discount tickets for student(over 15 years old and under 24 need student ID), old seniors and disabled adults,please bring related ID for discount ticket.


B: Please put on suitable clothes/shoes according to weather forecast,suggest outdoor sports clothes and shoes,take umbrella or raincoat in the possible rainy days.


C: Zhangjiajie most sights need to do stairs,please watch  your step when hiking.Watch out your mobile when taking photos.


DWe are out of responsibility if any changes caused by the acts of God,war,riots,quarantine,fires,natural disasters,weather,governmental and local authority orders,political change,strikes,custom regulations,damages or injury caused by accident beyond the control of www.zhangjiajietravelservice.com,and that has incurred due to the tourist action violating the laws.



  Any questions please feel free to contact us:





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