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Tianmen Hole open to tourists again since March 16th



Tianmen Hole open to tourists again since March 16th.


As spring coming the weather getting warm,would be safe to run the bus on the 99 turnings bendy road(winter time very cold on the mountain the road covered by ice,the bus can not run then Tianmen Hole closed) and more and more tourists coming need the bus,Tianmen mountain company said the 99 turnings bendy road bus would be open again since this March 16th,tourists can take the bus to the Tianmen mountain hole and take the escalator up to the top of Tianmen mountain,after enjoyed secnery on the top of Tianmen mountain then take cable car to come down the mountain(B line),and with the opposite direction A line,the queue for Tianmen mountain would be much shorter and tourists can enjoy more secnery.

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